2012-2013 Mystery Quilt: Parcheesi

PARCHEESI A Mystery Quilt designed by Kathryn Greenwold QUILT-Schenectady Guild Mystery Challenge 2012-13 © 2012 The Mystery Quilt is a year-long challenge beginning in September and ending in June with Show and Share (and awards!) You will receive one step of instructions each month from September through February. You will have all the instructions needed to complete this quilt by our February meeting which should give you enough time to have it ready for our June meeting. There will be a few copies of instructions available at each meeting, but they will also be posted on the guild website for easy access and downloading. Any questions, call Kathie Greenwold. This year’s quilt makes use of one strip pack and 4 coordinating fabrics to create a geometric design. All piecing techniques used are simple and would be appropriate even for a beginning quilter. This quilt would make a great throw for use at home, or a small Northeast Parent and Child or wounded soldier donation quilt. Feel free to make the design your own by enlarging it (additional yardage would be needed), by adding borders, or some appliqué! Have fun as the design unfolds. Parcheesi - Part 1 Parcheesi - Part 2 Parcheesi - Part 3 Parcheesi - Part 4 Parcheesi - Part 5 Parcheesi - Part 6 - Final Step!