Veterans Quilts

In 2004, Q.U.I.LT.S. became involved with the Injured Soldiers Quilts Project.  Quilts were sent to the Southern Maryland Quilt Guild which coordinated this effort.  They were then sent to either Andrews Air Force Base or Bethesda Naval Hospital for distribution to injured service men and women returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  When troops were pulled out of Iraq at the end of 2011, the demand for quilts was greatly decreased and the project was discontinued.  211 quilts were sent from us to this program.  Since this was such a successful service project, which was very personal to many of our members, the guild decided to continue making these quilts for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Albany, NY.  A quilt is part of a welcome packet that is given to veterans who are admitted for an overnight stay at the hospital.  We are now providing quilts to hospitalized veterans who have proudly served our country during peacetime or military conflict. General Guidelines for Veterans Quilts Size:  50” x 74”  or  45” x 60”  size may vary. Fabric, Colors & Design: Washed 100% cotton fabric.  Colors and patterns are your choice, though red/white/blue are popular. Label:  Please place a label on the back of the quilt with your name, Q.U.I.L.T.S., Schenectady, NY and the year.  Feel free to include a "Thank You" in your own words. The label is a means of identifying the origin of the quilt.  If the VA Volunteer Coordinator receives a thank you note, it can be forwarded to us. YOU COULD MAKE A BLOCK…   size: 12 ½”  (finished size 12”).  For these, use red (burgundy), white (off white) and blue fabrics.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE measure and sew accurately so the blocks are of the proper size to facilitate easy assembly. YOU COULD USE A PRE-CUT KIT....Veterans quilt kits are available at our guild meetings.  The kits include precut fabric, pattern instructions, backing and batting.  Sign out a kit, assemble the quilt and return it at a subsequent guild meeting.

Friendship groups may want to make a quilt(s) as a project.

Soldier Quilt