Pet Beds

Beds are a great way to use your fabric scraps and leftover batting, while helping a very worthy cause. These finished pet beds are donated to area shelters and other places that are in need of them.  In addition, many are set aside and taken to the September FirePlug 500, where they are sold for $3 to $5 dollars each, depending on their size. 100% of that money goes to the Animal Protective Foundation on Maple Avenue in Scotia where it is used to buy much needed supplies. The unsold pet beds are donated, free of charge, to area shelters. How to make a Pet Bed Pet beds can be just about any size as there are small breeds and large breeds of cats and dogs. The smallest and simplest size is a fat quarter, but any rectangular cut of fabric can be used. 1) Select and cut two pieces of coordinating prints or solids. 2) Sew these pieces together with right sides together using a straight stitch and ¾” seam, leaving an opening big enough to enable you to run right sides out and insert stuffing. 3) Turn right sides out. Make sure the corners are poked out completely and stitch ¼” inside your ¾” stitching. This second stich gives it extra strength and a more finished look. 4) The pet bed is now ready to fill. Use your project scraps and leftover batting to fill it. Fill it to where it is still "squishy" as many cats and dogs like to knead their beds before they lay down. 5) Fold opening inside and top stitch with straight stitch or zig zag.

You have just made a pet bed!

Fabrics to use: Corduroy, upholstery fabric, cotton and cotton blends. Some people have used bedspreads they don't care for anymore, as well as curtains. Unfortunately T-shirt fabrics and unwanted sheets don't always work well. These pet beds have to be pretty durable as they will need washing on a regular basis when they get to their new "owners". Donated fabric, scraps and batting are always welcome.  Pre-sewn pet beds are available at the guild meetings.  Take one home and stuff it, sew the opening shut and return at a subsequent guild meeting.