Drawings & Raffles


During each guild meeting, members are encouraged to participate in several drawings:  The Name Tag, Block-of-the-Month* and Fat Quarter Drawings and Goodie Basket Raffle*.  Here's how:

Name Tag Drawing - All members are encouraged to wear a hand-made name tag using either the Guild's signature block, "Hands all Around", or their own favorite block.  Wearing your name tag makes you eligible to enter this drawing for a gift certificate from a local quilt shop.  All you need to do is write your name on a piece of paper and put it in the bag.   The members whose name is drawn during the meeting will be awarded the gift certificates. 

Block of the Month Drawing - Each month members can purchase a block-of-the-month "kit" for generally $1 or $2.  These "kits" include instructions and all or most of the fabric needed to complete a single block (sometimes 2 blocks).  The completed blocks are turned in the following month and the person who completed it puts her name in a bag.  The member whose name is drawn wins all the completed blocks to assemble as desired.

Fat Quarter Drawing - Each month a fat quarter color or theme is designated.  Members bring in an appropriate fat quarter, place it in a basket and put their name in a bag.  The member whose name is drawn wins all the fat quarters.   Colors and themes for upcoming meetings are listed in the newsletter and on the website. 

Goodie Basket Raffle - At each meeting, members can purchase raffle tickets (3 for $1) for a chance to win various quilting and sewing items.  Three numbers are drawn at each meeting.  If the number on your ticket is called, you can select a prize from the display on the Raffle table. 

*Net proceeds from these raffles are turned in to the Guild's operating fund.