Straight from the Heart . . . Quilts for Kids

Since 1989 Q.U.I.L.T.S. members have made and donated over 1,300 quilts to the Northern Rivers Family Services (formerly Northeast Parent and Child Society) through our "Straight from the Heart . . . Quilts for Kids" project.  These quilts have been very important to all the kids, from the little ones who sleep better protected by the love that they know has been put into our quilts, to the teens who need something of their very own.

Our November monthly meeting (the "Sew-In") is dedicated to sewing quilt tops for Northern Rivers.  Guild members bring sewing machines, cutting mats, ironing boards, irons and other supplies and work together in groups to piece the tops.

Our February monthly meeting (the "Tie-In") is dedicated to assembling and tying these quilts.  Guild members split into groups and participate in a good old-fashioned quilting bee - well, actually, "tying bee."  The Guild supplies the pearl cotton thread and the Gloversville Sewing Center generously donates the batting.  Members need to bring their needles, thimbles and scissors.

Once tied, members volunteer to take these quilts home to be bound.  Completed quilts are typically turned in by the June meeting (end of the membership year).

Both these meetings result in knowledge shared, good conversation, the formation of new friendships and, most importantly, Quilts for Kids.

Donations of cotton quilting fabric are always accepted.  We use 3 1/2 yards for a back and 1 yard for binding, but any amount is very much appreciated.

General Guidelines for these quilts are:

Sizes:  Big-Kid Quilt = 54" X 72"    Little-Kid Quilt = 42" X 60"

Colors:  Bright & Happy

Design:  Entirely up to you

At the present time there is a real need for quilts for teen boys.