September 2017 Guild Meeting

Guild members kicked off the start of a 'colorful' guild year with presentation by local quilt artist Diane Evans.  Diane spoke about using color in her quilts and provided a truck show of her fabulous quilts.    Not to be outdone, Q.U.I.L.T.S. members provided a wonderful show of their own quilts.

Guild Members' Show & Tell:

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February 2017 Guild Meeting – Annual Tie-In for Northern Rivers’ Kids

The February meeting was our Annual Tie-In for Northern Rivers' Kids.   Guild members and guests worked together to tie quilts which will be donated to Northern Rivers.  The children who are in Northern Rivers' program find much comfort in these quilts - the colors, the patterns, and the caring that goes into the making of them.   In 2016 the guild donated just over 100 quilts to Northern Rivers.

The tied quilts were taken home by guild members who will apply binding to finish the quilts and return them to Emily, the guild's Kids Quilts coordinator, who will deliver the quilts to Northern Rivers for distribution to the kids.

There was no show & tell at this meeting.

Annual Tie-In for Northern Rivers' Kids:

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January 2017 Guild Meeting

The guild kicked 2017 off with a presentation by our own Kathryn Greenwold, who gave a presentation on "Quilts in the 21st Century." Kathie's talk covered new techniques, fabrics and designs used in contemporary quilts.

Guild Members' Show & Tell:

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